With now almost 70 successful installations worldwide some innovative features are now available. Variable book thickness. It is common in the photo book business that with same format books the page count varies and so does the spine inlay of the case. Batching was required before casing-in. With the new options “measurement of block thickness” and “measurement of width of spine inlay” in the machine, same size books with different thickness can be cased in without production interruption. Enlarged size range after having already increased max. block thickness from 20 to 40 mm, the mitabook can now handle a max. book size of back-to-front 360 mm (14”) and head-to-tail 400 mm (15 ¾ “). mitaform – fold forming station. In order to produce a more pronounced fold area, or a differently shaped joint, regardless of position, we can offer now the mitaform joint forming machine to be connected at the exit of the mitabook. Heated and exchangeable forming irons precisely reshape the fold of the finished book.